Alleged repeat offender

The word on the street is that the rookie member of the Woods squad calls out on repeated 10-63s, while supposedly on duty. Like, constantly. Go figure! (A 10-63, for all of us non-NYPD folks, means "break for mealtime") Little Maggie showed up on the scene in dramatic unexpected fashion, and has kept Sgt. Mom and Det. Dad on their toes ever since! This kid is clearly whip-smart, sassy and clever (talking while awake but smiling while asleep!) and also just so happens to be especially squishy, pink and kissable.

For anyone who's held her tiny ten toes, it was love at first coo. My heart stopped a little too! Now without further ado...


p.s. Rhyming completely unintentional..."Stop that rhyming, now I mean it! ...Anybody want a peanut?" -Princess Bride