Tomorrow, I get married

Tomorrow, I get married and I'm totally ready. I'm filled with anticipation and butterflies, but in the very best way. How will I group hug so many of my loved ones at once? Will I remember to thank everyone I cherish? 

I'm on the edge of this huge life change, and doing a tiny moment of reflection. I'm looking forward with a huge surge of gratitude and love for where I've been, and eager on my tiptoes for all that is to come. Tomorrow, I marry the love of my life.

Tomorrow, a Gambuto!

Jessi Arrington's Human Rainbow

As soon as I heard, I dressed in RED and literally ran. I ran all the way from my house in Brooklyn Heights to the Brooklyn Bridge, and I was so early to the Human Rainbow event that I was literally the first one there. Me and the NY1 guy, who was there to put the rainbow on local TV. 

Jessi Arrington has always loved rainbows. In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, she decided her colorful instincts could be put to an incredible good use. She planned a beautiful moment of community. People spanned the Brooklyn Bridge, arm in arm, wearing all colors of the rainbow.

We're going to link arms and show the world that love is brighter and bolder than hate. Every time. Even now. Tuesday, June 14, dress solidly in one bright color of the rainbow, and show up at the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge at 6:30pm.

Click over to the Human Rainbow page to hear Jessi talk about the project much better, in her own words. I know for my part that it was a moving experience to dress up, walk alone onto the bridge, and smile and hug hundreds of strangers. It feels good, and it feels important, to celebrate love.

We figured out how to find the actual middle!

We figured out how to find the actual middle!



Hello from Japan!

I am so excited to be in Japan. It's been at the top of my bucket list for a long time now! So far, this beautiful, organized and super-polite country has NOT disappointed. (alternate headline: my matcha green tea obsession continues!)